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Kick Off Victory Monday With Hells Bells

Gotta enjoy the sweet taste of Victory Monday whenever you can savor it in the National Football League (said with the same inflection as the F Team announcers that usually do Giants game these days), which is exactly what I am going to do. I understand that the mere though of a Big Blue Victory Monday tastes like poison to certain Giants fans and are treated as curse words by them. But this blog is for idiots like me that want to see their team win, no matter how ugly it is, and I'd love to be feeling this way again on Friday morning with potentially enough wins to land in first place of this god forsaken division.

For the record, I asked for Victory Monday shirts but was promptly denied by Steven Cheah. 

Is this because Daniel Jones ripped Steven Cheah's still beating heart out of his chest after winning his first start against the Bucs last season?

Maybe? Definitely? I do appreciate the very understated shout out at the end of his VM video today though I guess.

Thank you (and fuck you) Joey Langone for editing this video for what it should have been.

Release the shirts, Steven.

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P.S. Shout out to the OG Stoolies who know the history of Hells Bells and this very website.