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The Blackhawks May Not Lose A Game This Season, 6-0 And Best Start In Franchise History


Obviously they will. I’m not going to be one of those guys who walks around with their chest out after 6 games, but holy fuck do the Blackhawks look good. Even last night, when they had everything going against them, Back to Back games, 3 in 4 nights, I was at the UC and I’m the biggest mush in the entire world, literally everything against them and they were able to pull out a win. And that is the most encouraging part of this start. They’ve won in every fashion thus far. Blowouts, wide open scoring games, grind out OT wins, wins like last night where their offense couldn’t do dick but their defense was basically unstoppable and shut down every power play chance the Wings had. And yeah if we want to nitpick there are obviously still things that will take this team from good to great, meatballs will point to the fact that we’ve been outhit in every single game so far and when the playoffs come around we can’t play “tough”, but the point is, this team finds ways to win and we’re unblemished through 12.5% of the season. Not to mention the best start in Chicago Blackhawk history, EIGHTY FIVE YEARS, that alone should be enjoyed for at least a day.



I would almost rather get the first loss of the season out of the way on Wednesday than go to 7-0 and lose it in Vancouver. The thought of Canucks fans celebrating sends douche chills down my spine.