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Our Washington Football Team Got So Close To Winning! Great Effort!!!! So Close!!!!


Thank you to my local Honda dealer for that score update! As it turns out, our Washington Football Team got so close to winning but fell 1 point short. Shoot! I am so bummed. What a great effort by everyone on the field. Really something to hold their heads held high about. And I gotta say, it was a great decision to go for 2 at the end there. That's Riverboat Ron for ya, amiright fellas?! Kyle Allen showed why he's one of the more premier undrafted free agents starting at QB in the NFL right now with that 2 minute drill but justtttttt couldn't complete the comeback by getting the ball in on the 2 point conversion. Very unfortunate, but definitely something they'll have to improve on for next week.

In other news, how bout our Jets?? J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets! Slow start right now, but that's why we're a 2nd half team. If our Jets can just pull off a win or two, that would be something. Sure wouldn't mind to see the pride of New York, the New York Jets, string together a few Ws right in the haters faces.