Lightning At Blackhawks, Game 3

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If you missed Chief’s recap blog you can read it HERE




Went to Tampa Bay looking to take back home ice, Saturday night sucked but at the end of the day goal number 1 on the road is to get at least one game, check that one off the list. Tonight the real series starts. Bickell and TVR back in the lineup, home crowd, Q most liking splitting up 88 and 19 and getting the benefit of last change and I’m seeing a 3-2 Hawks win tonight. Take back control of this series, if Blackhawks play their best no one in the league can match them. Go time.


Oh and kind of an important, some may even say Huuuuuuuge.


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We rushed and rushed to get the Tampa Bay video out before puck drop but we’d rather do it right than fast. Will have it tomorrow around lunch time. Sorry, that’s on me.