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Credit To The Eagles For Literally Showing Up To Today's Game Vs. The Ravens

Key word in the headline: Literally.  Like, contractually forced to be there as part of the NFL's 16 game schedule and nothing more. You think I meant they'd actually "Show Up" as in compete?  HA!

Well, at least that was the case for the first half.  This team confuses the dick off me.  First half, the Eagles were who we thought the were.  Multiple sacks given up (6+ total in the game).  Drops ahoy in multiple important situations,  No real stopping the Baltimore offense, especially on third downs.  The Ravens were the superior squad shutting out the Eagles 17-0 at the half.  Then all of a sudden Carson Wentz leads them to within a 2-point conversion of overtime which included 22 points in the 4th quarter...with legitimate NOBODIES.  Travis Fulgram continuing to be a #1 reciever outta nowhere.  JJAW actually contributing by ironically doing absolutely nothing just literally right place right time. JASON FUCKING CROOM!!!  Not gonna lie if apparent Eagles TE Jason Croom (who???) was a fan dressed up who just waltzed out of the stands, stood there in the endzone all alone, caught that TD, and went back to sit in the stands never to be seen again I could honestly believe it.  I don't know what the hell is going on anymore.  But, hey, they covered the biggest spread ever given to an Eagles team at home!  Good for all!  Huzzah!  

1-4-1.  Season starts Thursday at home against the Giants.  6-9-1 takes down the NFC East, so who knows???  Maybe the Eagles can make some more fake noise before ultimately losing to another superior team in the first round of Wildcard Weekend!  Again!