If You're Holding This $300,000 Rays Ticket Do You Put Your Balls On The Table Or Do You Hedge?

Just a real conundrum for the gentleman or woman holding this here ticket.

Earlier this week it was looking like he could start shopping as he had a sure 300k coming his way. 

Then those cocksuckers in Houston started playing the "us against the world" card, watched the "4 Days In October" 30 For 30 on the 2004 Red Sox as a team, and have gone on a tear. All of which makes me want to fuckin puke.

Gag me Carlos Correa and Bregman. 

So the question is, on the doorstep of a twice in a lifetime meltdown by Tampa Bay, do you sell this ticket or hedge? 

Or do you say fuck you to everything that's wrong in the world, cheating, dishonesty, etc. and put your balls on the table and let it ride?

I'm going with the second option. 

Because I believe that good triumphs over evil, and because I'm an absolute moron.

Let's go Rays. 

(and let's go Bravos)