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Today In Sharks: Man In Florida Caught a Shark Then Plopped It Down On The Sidewalk Outside of a Publix To Try And Sell It


WSVN - A South Florida man had plans to turn a catch into cash, as he attempted to sell a live shark outside a Publix Thursday evening. Shoppers outside a Publix Supermarket on 17th Street in Fort Lauderdale said a man hauled in the five-foot nurse shark, dropped it on the sidewalk and tried to sell it. Friday evening, 7News caught up to Patrick Lanier, the man who tried to sell the live shark, and he said he reeled in the marine predator on the Intracoastal Waterway. “I felt like a leprechaun, like I struck gold,” he said. Lanier said he was hoping to make about $100 from selling the shark, but no one seemed interested. “On top of it, it’s not on ice. It’s just sitting there on the concrete,” said Publix shopper James Douglas. “Who’s going to buy something like that? I’m just saying, it’s like worthless. It’s like saying, ‘This animal’s worthless. You can buy it if you want.'”  The shark remained on the pavement and up for sale as potential customers passed by and some likely pivoted in their tracks. “Every so often I’d throw some water on it,” said Lanier.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 2.20.47 PM

I have a feeling some people aren’t going to be happy about him plopping this shark down on the sidewalk in Florida, seeing how Florida is about 400 degrees any given day and sharks need water to live. But actually, if you read the article or watched the video, you’d know that he sprinkled some water on top of it every now and then so it’s all good. I just can’t believe he wasn’t able to move the product. It’s not every day you can buy a shark for $100 just like that. You know how hard it is to buy a shark? So hard. It’s not that you buy the shark because you want it, you just don’t want to looooooose money on that deal. Anyone who passed up this opportunity is a bonafide idiot.


PS: 10000% chance he dumped it into the dumpster out back right? Laughed pretty hard when they said he released it back into the water and it swam away like it didn’t just melt into the sidewalk.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 2.30.58 PM


PS: I saw another story today about a shark attack but chose not to blog it cause it was a little boy who got bit but now I have to at least talk about it because I swore I’d keep the Barstool Community safe this summer by reporting on shark attacks. Well here you guy. Boy was in waist-deep water and almost lost his leg.