Sorry But Gary Player Just Stole Your Girlfriend

What a stallion Mr. Gary Players is. Just a thoroughbred of a human being. That's an 84 year old man who's gonna be turning 85 in about two weeks and he's still got moves. You know where I'm gonna be when I'm 84 years old? In the ground covered in rotting flesh because I will have already been there for 20 years. NO WAY I'm making it to 84 years old, and if by some miracle I do, I'm gonna be held together by IVs and duct tape. A stiff breeze will be able to blow my vital organs out of my back. On the flip side, 84-year-old Mr. Gary Player looks like he could run a marathon right now and I bet he actually could. Just a fucking stallion man. I love that guy. Keep livin' GP.