The Defensive Version of A Bat Flip Just Happened In Taiwan And It's Incredible

Well fuck me runnin. I LOVE this. All across the globe hitters and bat flipping to the moon when they hit a moonshot. Until now, other than hitting a guy with the pitch, there's really been no counter. Enter this centerfielder. I've been more excited about getting a parking spot than this dude was to rob a homerun. The batter just cruising around the bases and giving out high fives like they are candy during a halloween pre-pandemic. The batter finds out the ball is deep inside the webbing of the outfielder and the train of devastation hits him square like he thought he hit the ball. 

Incredible. What a scene. What a game. Looking forward to my Astros forcing a game 7 so we can have my Braves vs my Astros in the World Series.  

PS: I have no idea if this game is happening now or in 1992. I dont give a shit either way.