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Karl Anthony Towns Is Not Just Supportive, But "Super Supportive" Of His Girlfriend (Jordyn Woods) Joining OnlyFans

Remember when Kylie Jenner's best friend allegedly broke up Khloe Kardashian and Tristian Thompson after she allegedly cheated with Tristian? Then she got "kicked out" of the Kardashian clan? That was Jordyn Woods. She's actually doing just fine without the Kardashian's. Matter of fact, from my read on it, she's actually doing much better. Reminds me of someone who leaves some absurd religious sect/cult after seeing the light. Turns out life is better on the other side.

Jordyn Woods is now dating Timberwolves star Karl Anthony Towns:

The couple is a new age couple, which is when one of the members of the relationship has an OnlyFans.

I asked our local OnlyFans expert (Karim) and the $20/month fee isn't that bad! Just don't expect much at $20 per month.

And good news, Karl-Anthony is actually "super supportive" of Jordyn going on OnlyFans:

SOURCE-Earlier this month, the model revealed that she will be posting “iconic” content on OnlyFans, a paid subscription website popularized by mostly adult performers and influencers.

While Woods did not say whether she plans to share X-rated photos on the platform, she shared that Towns is “super supportive” of her choice to join the site.

“He sees my vision, and he’s super supportive,” she said. “It’s amazing to have people in your life that support you through whatever, and they’re there to uplift you, and help you through your journey. We’re very open about it. We talk about everything.”

Love the framing here by Jordyn Woods saying going on OnlyFans is a part of some "vision." Doesn't matter what you do, if it's selling pics and videos to horny dudes online, all you have to say is "this is a part of my vision" and boom, you're in the clear.

You may point at Malcolm Smutler as just a smut blogger. That's where you are wrong. You just don't understand his "vision."

Also, before I go, when I read that KAT is "super supportive of his girlfriend on OnlyFans" I thought of this video: