This NYPD Cop Is Going Viral For Being So Hot That Chicks Try To Bang Him In The Middle Of The Street

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DM – A muscly New York City Sheriff’s deputy has set pulses racing online after his selfies went viral on social media.

The photos set off an army of women fawning over Miguel Pimentel in his uniform.

And many have even stepped forward to beg the deputy to use his police powers to ‘cuff them, arrest them, take them to jail and frisk them all over.’

The 33-year-old deputy told The New York Daily News that the attention has got so out-of-control that women are boldly approaching him on the street.

They gush ‘you’re the cop on Facebook,’ Pimentel told the newspaper.

But while his photos are leaving ladies hot and bothered all over the city, Pimental confesses that he has a girlfriend and she is not too pleased about all of the attention he’s been getting lately.

His mom, Francia Pimentel, 57, told The New York Daily News: “They’re a beautiful couple. She’s got a good man, and she’s a very good girl.”


I want to hate this guy for all the obvious reasons including but not limited to how swole he is, how douchey his haircut and poses are, and for somehow making chicks wanting to bang him into a “positive message for Dominicanos all over.” But how can I possibly get mad at a guy for using his good looks and solid Instagram pics to ride the NYPD cop car to fame? Chicks do this ALL THE TIME now. All you need is a decent rack, that FaceTune app, and some knowledge of taking attractive photos and you can snake your way to hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers and a somewhat profitable career. So if this dude is handsome and Incredible Hulk ripped and it’s getting him some shine, more power to him. You’ve got to use every advantage you can and speak the language of women and if that requires selfies and fuckboy faces then so be it.



#prayforthisguysgirlfriend tho. Zero percent chance she makes it out of the summer. I don’t care how great of a bond they have, once you get that taste of pseudo fame and chicks fawning over you, there’s no turning back. His chick should just fall on the sword now and save some dignity in the process, at least then there’d maybe be a shot he’d come back once the fame train leaves the station.