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Yankees Sweep Angels And CC Gets Tossed


NYDNCC Sabathia questioned how the strike zone was being called and quickly got tossed from the game. Joe Girardi saw this, hurdled the fence in front of the Yankees dugout to protest and soon he was gone, too, in a cloud of dust he kicked on plate umpire Dan Bellino’s shoes.

The Yankees lost two key cogs in a matter of seconds in the sixth inning— but once again they didn’t lose the game, beating the Angels, 6-2, to complete a three-game sweep and extend their winning streak to a season-high six games before 43,178 at the Stadium on Sunday.

Chris Young, Brett Gardner and Jose Pirela all hit home runs but the fireworks that will be most remembered came from the big lefty.

When was the last time someone blew a 3 run lead from the showers? You’re right, never and CC knows that too. This game was only going to go one of 2 ways and both of them were CC not making it out of the 7th inning so he got his money’s worth and Joe decided to get out of there before he over managed the end of the game. Sometimes the best managing is taking the decisions out of your own hands and that was what’s best for business to get out with a sweep.

On top of that, a main problem with the Yankees in recent years is having no fight. So many times as fans, we have been let down by overpriced players that didn’t seem to care about winning or losing but yesterday one of the biggest let downs, showed that this team cares. From there the offense went out and secured some insurance runs, and the struggling part of the bullpen locked up a much needed win to keep a 1.5 game lead in the division. Next thing you know there will be a bench clearing brawl to defend ARod and then we can coast to October.

Now the focus shifts the the Nationals coming to town and the Yankees needing to get some revenge for 2 games that got away in DC last month. Luckily, we have Tanaka making the start Tuesday and Eovaldi hopefully getting his usual 15 runs of support to get us through the series. The important thing here is going to be that Yankee fans get a good look at Bryce and Bryce has the chance to look at some apartments while in town.


PS: Mind blown

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