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An Absolute Beatdown On The Metro That Really Just Makes You Sad To See


That was hard to watch. Little dude stood no chance. And big dog was not going to stop. He beat that guy til his shirt turned backwards. Have to give the lil fella props though, he hung in there. He took his punches and the blood and brains pouring out of his ears like a champ. That’s how you Metro fight. You put up your dukes and you take blow after blow after blow but if you don’t die, you earn the respect of the other Metro brawlers out there. And have to give him credit for not getting off at the next stop. It’s more than likely because he was concussed to outer space and didn’t even know what year he’s living in, but he didn’t bitch out and jump off and wait for the next train.

PS: “Hey Nate, the Metro is so much cheaper than Uber, why don’t you ever Metro?”