Haley Joel Osment Hasn't Changed A Bit And Looks Exactly How You Remember Him From The Sixth Sense

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Mirror - The image of a cute psychic boy cowering in his kitchen before revealing “I see dead people” is likely to stick in most of our minds forever -but Haley Joel Osment looks unrecognisable in his new film role. The 26-year-old – who shot to fame with his lead role in The Sixth Sense – has been spotted filming a new movie dressed as a greasy-haired Nazi. And yes, we had to look twice too. Filming scenes for Yoga Hosers in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Haley showed off a fuller waistline and scraped back hair in an unflattering suit, proving he’s every bit the incredible actor still. But it was the moustache which really sealed the deal, and it’s fair to say he looks like a completely different person.


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Well Haley Joel Osment is a Nazi now. By the way, real quick, who knew it was “Osment”? Is the “n” silent? I typed it originally as Osmett and that was way off. Have I been saying it wrong this whole time? Tevs. I’m just glad he’s back. Kid scared me to death in the Sixth Sense. STUTTERING STANLEY STUTTERING STANLEY STUTTERING STANLEY! Heeby jeebies just thinking about it. And now 100 years (in movie years) later, he’s back as a really fat Nazi? Sweet. Somehow it makes no sense but also it makes all the sense in the world.


PS: I hope Frankie Muniz is in it too. NEED a Frankie Muniz comeback in the worst way.