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Congrats High School Class of 2015 Graduates, Little Darlings is Now Hiring!

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LV - Hey recent Las Vegas high school grads: If that whole college financial aid thing doesn’t work out, a local strip club has an offer for you. Little Darlings, the strip club off Interstate 15 near Charleston Boulevard, is advertising positions for recent graduates on its sign overlooking the highway. “Now auditioning the class of 2015,” one sign says. “Pay your way through college,” says another. Today is the last day of school for students in the Clark County School District, including thousands of high schoolers who will be graduating this week and next. Alan Hama, the manager of the strip club, said he wasn’t involved in the decision and that marketing ideas often come from the company’s other clubs around the country.

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Can you imagine growing up in Vegas? Now can you imagine being a hot chick growing up in Vegas? Unbelievable that attractive women are able to get out of that city and do something with their lives. If you’re hot and a female anywhere, your life in undoubtably better. People give you more attention, you get perks ugly people and/or men don’t get, rich people want to buy you things, and you can make a lot of money for being naked. Now multiply that by Las Vegas and it’s simply amazing to me girls even graduate high school out there. You know how much money college costs? A billion dollars, give or take. So my advice to hot girls who just graduated high school– be a stripper. You can make that in a month at a strip club. Start out at Little Darlings and learn the craft and then work your way up to the Rhino and you’ll be rich in no time. No need to cram for finals, you’ll be cramming something else somewhere else and taking home 50 grand that night. Did this blog just spiral into encouraging 18 year olds to become prostitutes? That’s up for you to decide.


PS: See ya soon Vegas! If there’s anything you think I should do while I’m out there hit me up on Twitter @BarstoolNate