Fernando Tatis Jr.'s Mom Took Him Deep and Bat Flipped to the Moon

After a season of hitting dingers all over the yard and letting his opponents know about it, Fernando Tatis Jr. finally got a taste of his own medicine — from his mom.

Tatis Jr.'s mom spits on his first pitch in the dirt and tells him to give her something to hit like a man. And then when he puts some slop in the zone, she hits it about 430 feet — adjusted distance for speed and a wooden bat. And not only did she smack a cockshot to left center field, she went right up to him and threw the bat about 20 feet in the air.

It's about time Fernando had to get on the mound and see what it feels like to get taken yard and subsequently embarrassed with nothing he can do about it. Talk that shit, Mama Tatis!

I'm glad somebody is willing to take this kid to task for having fun while playing baseball because there's simply no room for that in the game. If nobody in the Big Leagues is willing to do it, I'm glad Mrs. Tatis is willing to teach her son what it feels like to get shown up on the mound.