The Jim Harbaugh/Jed York Feud Allegedly Began In 2014 When Jim Harbaugh Told York To Get Out Of A Meeting Because It Was "Men Only"

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Absolute peak Harbaugh. The Owner of your team, the guy who writes your check and pays your bills, the man who literally can fire you at any moment, but did he ever play football? Does he know what pain feels like? Exactly, sorry Jed, men only, go get your binky and your sippy cup and wait outside until the men are done. The best part is you know Harbaugh probably doesn’t even realize what he did wrong. He just truly thought the meeting was for men only and Jed York is not a man on the level of Jim Harbaugh. Call him the world’s biggest hardo, he is, but don’t say he isn’t consistent.




Get some, men only



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