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If There's Anybody Who Can Blog More Than Reags And Greenie, It's This Legend Who Can Type 163 Words Per Minute

Yeah yeah yeah. I know what all you bozos say. "Nobody loves Barstool more than Barstool". I check the comments. 

But if I may, a quick stroke off for Reags and Greenie is in store here. Because those two dudes blog like a couple of mother fuckers. Every single day they rip out dozens of blogs. Those guys do two things and two things only--watch basketball and blog their dicks off. It almost defies the laws of time how they're able to blog so much when days are only 24 hours long. 

With that being said...I think I've finally found the Chosen One who can blog them into the ground. I think I've finally found the legend who could fire off a quick 5 blogs during a casual shit break. This fucking beast right here. 163 words per minute. Do you know how many words per hour that is? All you have to do is break out your TI-84 to find out that it's 9,780 words per hour. Which means this animal can type 234,720 words per day. 

There were 76,944 words in the first Harry Potter book. This dude can type 3 whole Harry Potter books per day. What a beast! What a savage! This dude's finger game is unrivaled. I just hope that if he ever gets paid by Barstool, I pick up a little commission on his pageviews. A little finder's fee, if you will.