How About Our Fantasy Football Guru Snaking His Way Into The Winner's Circle For Some Big TV Time At The Belmont?

Fucking Bales, man. First Triple Crown winner in almost 4 decades and this motherfucker steals the spotlight away with a shit eating grin while spanking away free advertising for Draftkings. Can’t hate the hustle. And only a first class IDIOT would have not invested in the company when it was in it’s infancy. Draftkings is basically running the world now.

“Justin Hunter would beat American Pharaoh in a footrace. Fact.” – Johnathan Bales, 6/6/2015, probably.

PS – I just realized I watched this race at a bar without the sound. HUGE violation on my part. Watching a horserace without the announcer is like having sex without a dick. Just no point.