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Warriors Fan Hits Half Court Shot And Wins New BMW During Last Night's Game




Quick question. If this is you what do you do for the rest of the night? I’ve always wondered that. I mean I have played out what I would do if I win the 50/50 raffle at a Chicago game about 10 billion times. Chicago Cut, order everything on the menu, Hummer Limo to Horseshoe and a quick jaunt over to PoleKatz and the Champagne Room, back to the city before Sunrise, rent a boat and continue the party out on the Lake. But what if it’s just a regular car? Do you still go insane after you win? Do you sell the car and pocket the cash? Need to know what this guy did because winning a BMW at an NBA Finals game after hitting a half court shot in front of a packed house has to be the best moment any regular guy could ever have. We’re all basically the same average people, to experience something like this would without a doubt take the cake. I just hope to god he took full advantage of it.




How about the guy who had to follow him up? He even came pretty close. Just such an afterthought in every way imaginable.