Gary Payton Wants To Coach In The NBA And It Needs To Happen

Oh hell yes. This is what the NBA needs. The league needs The Glove back in the mix as an assistant coach. Why? Well partly because he's one of the best defensive point guards of all time and can without a doubt help young guys improve. But also because nobody, and I mean nobody talks shit like Gary Payton

It's hard for me to come up with a better assistant coach for a staff that needs a guy who won't take any bullshit. Not only that, but you also add some elite mental warfare to your team. You're telling me you can't see Gary Payton talking shit to a star player while on the sidelines? Getting in his head, getting him off his game ever so slightly? He's done that his whole life!

I want him on the Celtics bench IMMEDIATELY. People forget he's a former Celtics legend (77 games). I can say with certainty that Gary Payton brings an edge that my favorite team needs. He's the perfect compliment to Brad Stevens' style. They can play good cop/bad cop to perfection. When Tatum gets lazy on defense after a slow start offensively, Payton will whip him into shape. When Smart maybe gets a little too shot happy, Payton will be there to slap him back into place. Meanwhile Brad can just do everything else since he kinda stinks at confrontation. 

All I know is the NBA is better with Gary Payton in it. I don't really care where he lands, I just know not only does he need to be on a team's bench immediately, it also should be a league requirement that he is mic'd up for every game. You could charge me $9.99 a month for an unedited Gary Payton stream and I'd gladly pay. Maybe that's what they should do since revenue is all fucked due to coronavirus. I have no doubt I'm not the only one that would pay for that.