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Justin Bieber's New Song "Lonely" Makes It Clear He's FULLY In On Sad Boy Season

Can you feel bad for someone worth hundreds of millions of dollars? Well Bieber just answered that question with a definitive yes.

It's one thing when someone became famous as an adult and says it's not all it's cracked up to be, or they just wish they had some privacy, or whatever. You can empathize as a human, but it's hard to feel straight up bad, because guess what? You knew what came with fame and also all the poor adults feel that shit too. I'd rather cry in a Porsche than a Corolla. 

But when you're just forced into that shit as a kid? That fuckin sucks. It's not like this is an original story, we knew fame at a young age fucks with people. Idk if it's Tremblay playing Bieber that puts it over the top, or Bieber sitting there watching his own childhood playout, but this a particularly sad re-telling of the classic tale. 

Welcome to SBS, Biebs! Happy to have you! Buy the hoodie here