'The Boys' Karl Urban Once Got Viggo Mortensen Back in an Amazing Prank War That Was 10 Years In The Making

I've been doing my fair share of YouTube rabbit holing when it comes to The Boys. Whether it's just panels, the crew being interviewed 1v1, or people breaking down theories I'm there. This one Homelander (Antony Starr), Hughie (Jack Quaid), and Billy (Karl Urban) did in Canada last year was fantastic (full 40 minute video here). 

During the Q&A someone reminded Karl Urban of a prank Simon Pegg pulled on him, and asked if he plans on getting him back. To answer the question, the actor told a story of how he got his boy Viggo Mortensen back for duping him and his agent once in the middle of the night. Urban's prank is fantastic, but Viggo is a mad man himself don't kid yourself. He once called Elijah Wood in the middle of the night, every night, for six weeks pretending to be his long lost German friend. 

The mere fact that Urban waited TEN YEARS for the perfect moment to strike should tell you all you need to know about how awesome this man is. That's a guy who actually has fun with his life and wasn't about to let Viggo get off easy. Motherfucker waited a decade for when the two were both promoting a movie together and spread a rumor that Viggo has this gigantic goat farm with 1,000 goats to make cheese. Diabolical. Every reporter became so fascinated with the story that they didn't care about the movie Mortensen was promoting, they needed to know more about the farm. It made NATIONAL NEWS! His tour had been hijacked by Karl Urban's brain. Apparently Viggo got so tired of the question that he began to go along with the rumor. 

So I get this email from Viggo. It starts: ‘You bastard.’ It turns out he got so fucking sick of having to defend this goat story that he just started going with it and saying, ‘Yes, I like the spotted goats because they fart less and their cheese tastes sweeter.’” -source

Don't prank Karl Urban. You will lose. It's the slow knife that cuts the deepest. Simon Pegg better have his head on a swivel. 

P.S. Let's get Karl Urban to be the MCU version of Wolverine please and how about Antony Starr to be Adam Warlock? Sorry I'm a nerd I can't help it.