If Somebody Doesn't Get This Weimaraner Some Coffee There's Gonna Be Hell To Pay

Jesus fucking Christ I would love to have a word with this Weimaraner's owners. I mean look at him - he can't keep his eyes open. They're fucking glued shut. How in the hell is he supposed to seize the carp if he can't even stay awake? 

News flash: he can't. There will be no carps seized by this Weimaraner pooch today, and it's all because his asshole owners are pimping him out on Instagram like he's a pair of bolt ons on some instagram THOT instead of getting him his morning fill of coffee. And to add the classical music in the background? These fucking owners should be sent to the pound for that. Get your dog some caffeine dickheads!!! 

Somebody smack these people around for me. That, or get me their twitter handles so I can send them scathing DMs. They need a quick tutorial on how to drug a dog with caffeine then after he's sufficiently hopped up on caffeine, I'd like to roll around and frolic with this good boy all day long. Just need to get him a little pep in his step.