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Manti Te'o Really Knocked That "Are You Gay" Question Out Of The Park, And By That I Mean He Nervously Laughed In Katie Couric's Face


I’m tired of this story as I’m sure most people are. But the one thing I thought was absolutely hilarious was this question. Manti Te’o could not have botched this question more than he did. Absolutely BOMBED it. And I don’t give a fuck if he is or isn’t gay, he should be whoever he is, but when you’re trying to convince the nation that you’re not gay, nervously giggling like a little girl and repeating “FAR from it” is usually not the way you want to go about it. I mean I don’t know about everyone else but I wasn’t exactly walking away from that response being like, “Oh shit guys, Manti is totally not gay, in fact he’s FAR from gay. He’s like the RuPaul of Straight. Case Closed”


And not to split hairs here, but I wouldn’t say having an intimate 3 year phone relationship with a dude talking like a girl is FAR from being gay.