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Phil Wanted To Do 'The Match III' With MJ And Steph ... Well, Sources Are Saying He's Getting Half Of That And It's Going To Be AWESOME

Hell yes. 'The Match' has been one of the best things to come out recently, obviously starting with Phil vs Tiger and then Match II adding Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. You slap on some guys playing golf, talking shit and *hopefully* gambling and I'm gone to tune in 100 out of 100 times. Well, we're getting details for The Match III and it's going to be different with no Tiger, but we're adding Charles Barkley and Steph. Remember, Phil said he wanted MJ and Steph: 

While MJ would be awesome because we never get to see him in this sort of setting, I'll take Chuck. Sure, Steph is good at golf, whatever. I'm here for entertainment and nobody is more entertaining on the golf course than Chuck. Remember last week the stories of him golfing came out? They are unreal: 

Or you know, the countless videos of him swinging a club over the years? 

The only thing I want is for them to actually gamble their own money. I know it's for charity and that's great. Keep doing that. But give me Chuck offering like $10,000 on closest to the pin and throwing out random bets. Have him make Steph uncomfortable with the gambling talk. I said it before but Chuck is a unanimous decision for everyone to have in their golf foursome. This is going to be awesome.