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Dwyane Wade Casually Strolled Through A Couple's Engagement Photos

Talk about a perfect coincidence. Dwayne Wade just taking a casual evening stroll down the beach and ends up photobombing a couple's proposal photos. (Can you still call it a photobomb if it ends up making the pictures way better? Unsure). 

From the guy who proposed, "After she said yes and I was standing up, I heard someone yell 'Congratulations my man! I saw the whole thing! Felt like I was apart of it.' I turned around in a blur and then looked at my fiancé and we realized it was Dwyane Wade. We asked him for a photo and the rest is history." 

This has to be an engagement photographer's wet dream. Most of the time they're just hiding in a bush like a stalker taking photos of their prey, but it's all worth it for the off chance you get a celebrity walking by in the background. It helps that Wade gave a perfection reaction which most certainly has viral meme potential. 

Be still my heart. 

It also begs the age old question of how many photos you've unknowingly been in the background of. There's a chance you're in the background of an engagement photo, but instead of it being a viral moment like we have here, you're just known as the asshole that crashed that couple's once-in-a-lifetime moment. 

Bonus - Here is a spectacular proposal plan you can use, free of charge. 

-First, you go to the spot you met and say, "Here's where we first met. "

-Then, you go to where you had your first kiss and say, "This is where we had our first kiss."

-Then, you go to the spot you first said you love each other and say, "This is where I told you I love you for the first time."

-Then, you go to a new spot you've never been before. She says, "What's this?" And you say, "The place I proposed." You then propose. 

(I stole this from an every kiss begins with Kay commercial like 11 years ago). 

Most romantic commercial in television history.