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Bronny James No-Showed For A Warzone Event With Odell Beckham Because Apparently LeBron Grounded Him For Posting A Video Of Smoking Weed

How about Odell here just absolutely admitting that Bronny got grounded. You may remember this video

And now he's getting grounded for this? What person doesn't smoke some weed as a teenager? This is LeBron being a bad dad if you ask me. Actually, don't even take it from me, take it from our guy Gillie

Seems pretty mean of LeBron to punish Bronny for being a 15-year old while buying his daughter a house that's bigger than any apartment in New York too

But really this goes back to Odell. You gotta be a better friend, man. You don't rat out that Bronny is grounded. You lie. Say he's practicing or say he's sick. You can't let the world know that LeBron got home from the bubble and immediately punished Bronny for having some fun. 


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