A Couple Hid In Their Car And Called 911 After Their Cat Wouldn't Let Them Back In The House

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Daily Mail- A man was forced to call 911 after his aggressive cat attacked him when he tried to enter his home – forcing him and his wife to cower inside their car for more than four hours. Mohammed Lokman, from Stamford, Connecticut, called 911 around 1.30am on Wednesday to say that they were unable to get inside their home because the 8lb cat kept attacking them. The pet, who had given birth the day before, was likely protective of its kitten, experts told CBS. ‘I have a problem in my home,’ Lokman can be heard telling a dispatcher on the 911 call. ‘I cannot go inside my home.’ He continued: ‘My cat was getting too aggressive. I was inside and she attacked me, and she scratched me in my leg and bite me. So me and my wife, we come outside and now we cannot go in the home like for three, four hours.’ The operator responded: ‘OK, you said a cat?’ ‘Yeah,’ Lokman said.



Stupid fucking cats.  Hey man!  Let these nice people in their home!  You paying the mortgage around here?  I didn’t fucking think so.  You just sit around, lick your paws, refuse to greet people when they walk through the door, avoid people unless you’re scratching their eyes out and poop in a plastic box (hopefully those are the things cats do, I have never had a cat in my life).  And this cat here seems like a real ball of sunshine.  He’s basically squatting while the real owners are forced to cower in their car and call in the authorities.  A sad state of affairs.  On the flip side, you gotta feel for those police officers who responded to that call.  I’m willing to be wrong here but I doubt many people join the police force so they can help people get inside their house while a tyrannical cat terrorizes them.  But hey, protect and serve.  Even in the weirdest of situations.  And to those people who took refuge in their car from a cat, buy a dog and be happy.




How about the 911 dispatcher dropping the emasculation hammer on the caller?


The operator responded: ‘OK, you said a cat?’