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Shouts To All The Kids Graduating High School...Taco Bell Is Giving You a Free Taco #Jealous

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The year between graduating senior year of high school and finishing your freshman year of college is no doubt the best year ever. It’s the year with the least amount of responsibility and the most amounts of single girls. When all those girls who go to freshman year with a boyfriend come back from Thanksgiving break it’s like letting dogs out of their cages. Freshmen girls who still haven’t thickened up yet and know they’re at their peak just getting trains run on them and taking 10 too many shots on a casual Friday night. The good ol’ days. And what does this have to do with Taco Bell? Well, they are giving away a free taco. So there’s that little cherry on top as well. From high school graduation until college graduation life is full of little free tacos. After that it’s sadness and being poor and owing money you don’t have on college loans, and Sallie Mae is not about that free taco life. But for now, enjoy you young hooligans. Enjoy it as much as you can.