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You Know, I Just Have This Feeling That Anthony Davis REALLY Enjoyed These Celebratory Tacos

I appreciate this from Anthony Davis. You win your first NBA title. You become the first American to win an NCAA title, an Olympic gold medal, FIBA gold medal and an NBA title? You send your brain to Pluto. Really it just shows guys like Anthony Davis are like me and you. Who doesn't like to get high as shit and go smash tacos? Tacos are delicious! Just don't put ketchup on it. I know it's a thing, just don't do it. 

Go to taco order? Give me barbacoa, rice, queso, hot salsa, cheese, sour cream and a little bit of lettuce (to stay healthy). That's how I end up looking like Anthony Davis. I don't even blame Anthony Davis here. You just won a title. It's legal in California. Tacos also taste better when you're floating around Pluto. Facts are facts. 

PS: I have to include this video because we're talking about NBA players in California high as balls. I could watch Klay Thompson break down track events all day