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Bill Walton Narrating A College Hoops Version Of 'The Autumn Wind' For A Hype Video Is As Perfect As You'd Imagine

Yep, this is it. The only thing we need is to get Arizona out of here and make this a full college hoops preview. There's very things cooler than 'The Autumn Wind'. 

It's part of what makes the Raiders so damn cool. But now you give me Bill Walton and college hoops? Well, I'm fucking rock hard listening to it. That's how much I miss college hoops. That's how much I miss Bill Walton rambling in my life. You know Walton was high as shit for this too. Probably wrote it himself and did it all in one take. 

41 days folks. 41 short days until Walton and Pasch are back in our lives. 41 days until the Pac-12 disappoints America. 41 days until college hoops is back. 41 days until we have brackets again. Goddamn just get me there. We need to watch college hoops ASAP after missing out on the NCAA Tournament.