Wake Up With The Oakland Crowd REALLY Enjoying Getting Into Josh Reddick's Walk Up Song

One of my favorite videos that has to do with baseball. We all know walk up music means a lot to a player, so you know Josh had a damn good reason for picking "Careless Whisper" by George Michael. You know who loves this song more than Josh Reddick? The fans in Oakland. LOOOOOK at those people just moving and grooving to the song. I'm willing to bet Dallas Braden was in those stands with no shirt on just feeling the vibes. This kind of thing could only happen in Oakland too, no where else. No cell phones in sight, just people taking it all in. Bullpen guys feeling it too, this video has so many fantastic things going on. If the Astros have any chance of coming back vs the Rays Josh has to pull this weapon back out.