Gabrielle Gilmore Shoots Down Adam Schefter's Report Her Husband and Cam Newton Caught Covid Over Dinner. And it is ON.

Maddie Meyer. Getty Images.

If you're a sentient, adult being who has at all been paying attention in a time of confusion, misinformation and truth itself becoming relative, you know there is only one source for reliable, verifiable facts. And that is, of course, Adam Schefter. He, and only he, is the one we can count on for objective truth. 

Or so we thought. 

Schefter of course has previously weighed in on one of the pressing issues of our time, which is how the Patriots two most important players contracted the Covid-19 virus when the team has been following all the protocols that have kept 30 other teams relatively free of cooties. The World's Most Reliable Insider reported that on October 3rd - the Friday evening before Cam Newton's positive test that sidelined him for the Kansas City trip and four days before Gilmore's positive test - Newton and Stephon Gilmore had dinner together. Here's the audio

And naturally, the rest of us mere Muggles took that to be gospel, seeing as it came directly from Adam Schefter's pure, unassailable lips, from which no factually inaccurate words have ever emanated. 

Well, not so fast. Because Adam Schefter's report is being refuted - and there's a sentence I don't thing has ever been typed before - by no less a source than Mrs. Stephon Gilmore, Gabrielle. The ultimate insider. You could even say "literally," given what most young, healthy and attractive married couples do in private. She shot down a report that repeated Schefty's reporting. 

And him being Adam Schefter and all, he went on WEEI and refuted her refuting of the report on his reporting. (I might not be making this very clear But I'm clearly in an alliterative mood and I'm just going to keep rolling with it.) 

Source - “I’m not looking to refute anybody,” said Schefter. “And I don’t know why this is an issue. Cam Newton tested positive early Saturday morning. The night before, Stephon Gilmore and Cam Newton had dinner. That’s all. They didn’t do anything wrong. There’s nothing to that.”

“They did have dinner on Friday night,” Schefter reiterated.

When asked if his initial report was potentially misinterpreted to mean that the two Patriots had a dinner “out” at a restaurant, Schefter acknowledged that he didn’t know where they had dinner specifically.

“I don’t know whether they had dinner at Cam’s house, or Stephon Gilmore’s house, or at the Patriots’ [facility], but they had dinner together on Friday night,” he explained.

“I don’t know exactly where they had dinner, to be perfectly frank, but I don’t believe it was out, like out in Boston. But they had dinner together Friday night.”

It's a bold move indeed to double down on something you said after it's been directly contradicted by the spouse of one of the people involved, who presumably knows where her husband is on the Friday night of a road game weekend. And to her credit, Gabrielle is not backing down. 

And that's where we are at the moment. Your classic standoff. Maybe the first time in Schefter's illustrious career of NFL Insiderism. Of being ESPN's Breaking News Jesus. The man with the best contacts list in history nestled inside his perfectly tailored pocket. Neither side is backing down. It's Schefty said/Gabrielle said. You have to pick a side because the battle lines have been formed. 

Personally, I'm going with Mrs. Gilmore on this one. I'll take the rest of my truths from Schefter. But on this one, #IStandWithGabrielle.