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When Will The Insanity Stop?!? COVID-19 Has Killed The 2021 Pro Bowl

Are you guys taking this virus seriously NOW?!? COVID-19, which by medical definition was discovered or named or something in 2019, is already killing things in 2021. First we lose March Madness then we lose 100 games of the baseball season and now we lose the game the media ignores, fans hate, and players play like this*.

*All while somehow stacking up hilariously massive ratings that dwarf other sports' actual big games because much like your favorite addictive substance, absolute dogshit football is still better than no football at all

Pardon my crude usage of the K word in the headline that was only put there to catch the eye in order to catch a click. The NFL didn't kill the Pro Bowl, it just "reimagined" it because I assume it was worried about players spreading coronavirus in the huddle since defense like that wasn't going to spread it.

NFL- The NFL will continue to recognize the players' outstanding seasons and welcome fans to demonstrate their passion for their favorite players when voting for the 2021 Pro Bowl Roster begins on November 17th. The full Pro Bowl rosters will be revealed in December, where the players are determined by the consensus votes of fans, players and coaches. Each group's vote counts as one-third toward determining the 88 All-Star players who are selected to the Pro Bowl roster.

Additionally, the league will work closely with the NFLPA and other partners, to create a variety of engaging activities to replace the Pro Bowl game this season. This virtual recognition of the season's finest players will provide fans the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of their favorite stars.  

I am not fully sure what virtually reimagining a football game that already had little contact in it means. But I am sure I will not watch one second of it unless they get crazy with that reimagining by having the infamous long throw competitions between Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen, a foot race between Tyreek Hill and an actual cheetah, or just show the Imaginationland trilogy of South Park.

Betcha didn't see some of your favorite imaginary characters getting blown to bits in a terrorist attack when you opened this blog

Regardless of if the Pro Bowl is dead, reimagined, or whatever, it was a necessary since the NFL needs to keep some flexibility open in case when there's another covid outbreak and the entire season needs to be shifted back a bit. That being said, I do sincerely look forward to everyone still losing their shit about which players got snubbed and which players didn't deserve to make a game that nobody cares about even when it is actually played. However, I do hope we still have tons of players decline their Pro Bowl invitations with some sort of random injury or excuse until the 12th best player at a position makes the Pro Bowl. 

This may be the last year to fake it so you don't make it however since next season's Pro Bowl will be in Vegas (If covid doesn't still have the entire country in a figure four leglock).

I can't wait to see what types of blogs we get out of the best players in the NFL spending a week in Vegas together!

And that was way too many words about the 2021 Pro Bowl being cancelled. Now here is Israel Kamakawiwoʻole taking us back to happier times when the Pro Bowl was not only played but played in Hawaii, which just felt right.