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Wait, Is There Really A 2017 Warriors vs 2020 Lakers Debate Going On??

OK so I keep seeing this get tweeted onto my timeline and I have to be honest, I'm a little confused. This is just some weird Twitter algorithm or something right? That's why I keep seeing it? There isn't actually a real life conversation/debate going on right now on the internet comparing the 2017 Warriors to the 2020 Lakers. That can't be. If there is, well then this is just the latest example of Lakers fans taking things waaaaayyyyyy too far. I get it. You're excited. The Lakers are champs so you can celebrate however you want, but there can't really be someone with eyes and a brain that thinks this Lakers team is on the same level as the 2017 Warriors. There just can't be. 

Part of me thinks most of those who might be talking about this are LeBron fans who are doing their best to try and take shots at Steph Curry. They just want to troll. I find that way more believable and don't exactly hate the move. But look at this team

Do the Warriors have an answer for AD? Probably not, even as good as Draymond was at the time defensively. But what are the Lakers going to do about Steph/Klay/Durant? Let's say LeBron takes Durant. We saw that basically be a wash. You don't think Steph/Klay are just a slight upgrade from what the Lakers perimeter defenders had to guard in this year's Finals? You know, a Finals in which the Heat took them to 6. 

You could make the case that the 2017 Warriors were the greatest basketball team ever assembled from a talent perspective. Who has ever said that about the Lakers? Remember, the 2016-17 Warriors went 16-1 in the playoffs. 16-1!! They promptly took out the Cavs in 5, and that was with Kyrie/Love playing in all 5 games as LeBron's running mates. 

So I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the 2020 Lakers are not as good as the 2017 Warriors. That's OK. They're still the champs. Their title counts just as much as the Warriors one. You won't hear me discredit what the Lakers did, even in this weird season. It 100% counts and is as legit as any other title. But let's not get carried away and say they are as good as one of the greatest championship teams we've ever seen. That would be insane.