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This Goose Pacing A Car At 40mph Has An ENGINE On Him

Gas up the jet folks this goose is NOT MESSING AROUND.  First of all, I'm glad cell phones exist for this guy's sake, because it would be tough to describe this to your friends without evidence.  It would be tough to describe the goose flying directly outside your window to begin with, and then when you tell them how fast you were going, there would be dust flying around from how fast his friends eyes would have rolled back in their heads.

It is important to point out that the speedometer is in km/h instead of mph, so this converts to around 40 mph instead of 70 mph, but STILL that is pretty damn fast!  Yes the goose has to be drafting off the car, but does it really matter? That is a lot of miles an hour for a winged animal to move that looks like this.

There's only one other animal that may be able to keep up with this speed demon...