Dennis Quaid Is Playing Ronald Reagan In An Upcoming Biopic

Penelope Ann Miller will play Nancy Reagan in Reagan, a biopic of former President Ronald Reagan that stars Dennis Quaid in the title role.

The story is said to look at Reagan’s life through the eyes of a KGB agent, a fictional character, as he tracks the actor-turned-SAG president-turned-California governor-turned-President from anti-Communist crusader in Hollywood to leader of the free world. Davi is playing Leonid Brezhnev, who ruled the Soviet  Union through the 1960s and 1970s. Voight is playing the KGB agent.

Normally, this is something that would excite me. I love biopics and I admittedly don't know a lot about Reagan’s pre-political life. However, this just seems conceptually weird. Jon Voight narrating as a KGB agent recalling the life of Reagan is an odd choice.

*Bad russian accent* "Ays far byack as I cian rwremenber, I always vanted to be a secret agent"

I think a straight look at Reagan's life and climb to being leader of the free world during some of the most pivotal moments in world history would be better, conceptually. This movie is also being made with an apparent spiritual focus, with 'Soul Surfer' director Sean McNamara at the helm. It also has the same producers as 'No Safe Spaces', the Adam Carolla documentary. Like it is with any movie in this genre, I just hope it can stay sort of objective. A lot of political biopics are made with an agenda and when I watch any biopic, I want to see the fuck ups along with the triumphs. When you show JFK, show him relentlessly cheating on his wife, fucking up the Bay of Pigs and nearly causing the end of the world! That's the drama baby! Did I pick JFK because he too was featured in a Call of Duty game? Perhaps...

Also shoutout to Dennis Quaid for playing 2 different American president's in Bill Clinton and now Ronald Reagan.