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Roy Hibbert Getting Shoved by Carlos Boozer Last Night Might Have Been The Saddest Point In His Career


I’m not joking when I say this, Roy Hibbert should probably just retire. I mean as if last year wasn’t bad enough, when his whole team was fucking his girlfriend and he became the worst player in the NBA, now this? To get punk’d by Carlos Boozer. To basically get called soft by one of the softest guys in the league, a guy who got married, divorced, then re-married to the same chick? Seriously if I’m Roy Hibbert I’m either retiring our doing something crazy to get my street cred back. I’m talking punching Boogie Cousins crazy. Just can’t have Carlos Boozer stepping to you like he’s the baddest guy on the block, impossible to come back from that.

Kobe’s face said it all.



Good news is Roy Hibbert got his swag back just in time to hit a game winning buzzer beater, wait…