News Anchor Doesn't Know He's Live On-Air And Decides To Sing Some Opera





Ron Burgundy come to life!  All he needed was a nice glass of scotch, a suit so fine it’d make Sinatra look like a hobo and a couple Unique New Yorks in there and it was basically the same thing.  I’m on right now?  I don’t believe you.  His opera voice is pretty dynamite though.  Killed that.  I mean I don’t know shit about opera but I could’ve gone for a little bit more singing.  I guess I thought the opening credits of Anchorman were just a joke.  I didn’t know news anchors actually screamed at themselves and sang opera in order to get their voice ready for the broadcast.  I bet people do some weird shit to get ready for a show.  This time it just so happened to be live on-air so we got to see the whole thing.  Although I can’t imagine too many things being weirder than a dude breaking into opera singing.  Whatever.  Whatever gets you ready for your moment.



PS- Maybe don’t wear a bra next time.