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Mark Cuban Tells Pardon My Take How He Was Able to Help Out Delonte West a Few Weeks Ago

On today's Pardon My Take, recurring guest Mark Cuban joined the show. The owner of the Dallas Mavericks and Shark on "Shark Tank" hopped on with Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter to discuss the NBA Bubble, fixing the economy, new business ideas, and Billy Football's app idea. Another topic that was discussed was a feel-good story that occurred a few weeks ago. Former NBA player Delonte West needed some help, and Cuban was right there to get West's life back in the right direction:

Mr. Commenter: I saw that you've actually been helping out Delonte West recently. You did a pretty good thing, you helped track him down. How did that come into motion? Did you get a call from a friend or from a relative of his or like a former player? 

Mark Cuban: No, no. We had tried to help Delonte before, and it didn't work out. I don't think he was ready yet. And then I saw all the pictures and people saying that he was in Dallas, and where he was, I-75 and 635, which is like two miles from my house. And so I start driving around looking for him and went and hunted down his mom's phone number. Got ahold of his mom and basically, you know, asked her for his number, and got his number, left a message for him. And, you know, he didn't call me back for a few days. Then he called me back and I told him, Delonte, don't move. I'm coming to get you. And that's what I did.

Mark Cuban: Went and got him a hotel room, let him sleep it off, went and got him some food, and sat there, waited for his mom to get there and waited with him. And then she got him on the plane and got him to rehab. And so, you probably saw the picture, and I just got a picture today, he was skydiving, skydiving! So, he's making progress. I just hope he stays with it. You know, the first couple of weeks are tough, but you know, going through rehab and and dealing with addiction, that's not easy. And dealing with mental illness, it's not easy. And so I hope he fights his way through it.

Mr. Cat: That's awesome. The world needs some more, like, positive stories. So it's a cool, just genuinely positive story.

In a brutal year like 2020, these are the types of stories that can give us hope and gives us proof there is still plenty of good going on in the world. Mark Cuban very well may have saved Delonte West's life by offering him the help he needed. Hopefully everything turns out alright for him.