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Holy Shit, A YouTuber Engineer Actually Invented A Retractable Plasma Lightsaber That Burns At 4000 Degrees

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YEAH, SCIENCE!!! I know that posting an 18 minute long video on Barstool, or pretty much anywhere in 2020, can be seen as a declaration of war to the readers. But any nerd worth their salt knows there are very few inventions at the top of sci fi pyramid that touches a real life working lightsaber. The time machine. Iron Man's suit. The hoverboard (not those bullshit boards with two wheels but an actual board that hovers). I don't think toy technology has even evolved to the point that you get a lightsaber blade that can project on its own and completely retract into the handle when you turn it off. If we can't even get toys to the technological place where weapons were a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, it seems like we would never get the actual weapons on this planet in any of our lifetimes.

Which is why I am ordering you to watch that whole video because not only is it the most important advance by science in my lifetime but it's also a pretty easy watch, especially if you click the Settings gear and bump the Speed up to 2x, and watching smart people talk in terms that I can understand while making cool shit instantly makes me feel smarter. Even having the wherewithal to make different blade colors tickled my nerdy bone to damn near completion and has me once again trying to move objects with my mind while using The Force which is something I exclusively only do after watching Empire or Jedi, which is to say often.

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Say what you want about 2020. But if I walk away from this year with the richest owner in baseball atop the Mets org chart and at a chance that I can wield a real life lightsaber, I'm chalking this year up as a W regardless of whatever bullshit we have in store for the next 2.5 months. And considering Portnoy is a lowkey Star Wars fan that highkey has a shitload of money, I feel like this may actually happen.


Blogger's Note: I have no clue if The Hacksmith considers himself a YouTuber, an Engineer, a YouTuber Engineer, or an Engineer YouTuber. But I feel like I had to throw both those terms in the headlines to get the youngest Stoolies and nerdiest Stoolies to click the blog