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Wake Up With Joe Rogan Owning Carlos Mencia At The Comedy Store

Ahh yes...Joe Rogan before Joe Rogan was Joe Rogan. Before the podcast, he was just a stand up comedian from Boston who happened to hit it big on News Radio and Fear Factor. He was also, as you'll see in this clip, a strong advocate for comedians who couldn't stick up for themselves. So when Carlos Mencia repeatedly stole jokes from lesser known comics, Rogan came to the rescue and called him out during one of his sets at the The Comedy Store in West Hollywood. To this day he still defends what he did, which I wholeheartedly agree with. You can watch him talk about here. That's not to say it wasn't extremely uncomfortable because it was, but sometimes you just gotta call people on their bullshit. That goes for everyone reading this blog too. If you're not being treated well or your getting fucked over, say something about it. Life's too short to be taken advantage of. Have a great Wednesday.