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You Really Hate To See Jose Altuve Get The Yips In The Playoffs And Completely Sabotage The Houston Astros

HAHHAHAHAHAHAHH!!! What a time to get the yips. So perfect. Look at this helpless piece of shit. Yes I know you're supposed to call it "the thing" in baseball because it's this unspoken, unspeakable thing to happen to a player, but Jose Altuve deserves none of that courtesy. This bum has the yips in the ALCS and is actively sabotaging the Astros chances of winning any games. Dusty Baker even raised some concern over a possible yips situation with his second baseman before the game. Well, it's happening. That pussy can't throw the ball to anyone on the baseball diamond and it's beautiful to see. The ole' Steve Sax Syndrome. Chuck Knoblauch in the flesh. 

The error above was Jose's THIRD error of the series, with two also coming yesterday. Today's led to a five-run Rays inning and completely shifted the course of the game. One of them yesterday immediately led to a Manuel Margot three run homer. After the two errors in the game Altuve and Correa actually switched spots in the shift, with Correa taking the short outfield position. Big yikes. 

Errors can happen and get swept under the rug if the pitching bails you out. What I love most about all of this is that these errors have been catastrophic, leading to GIGANTIC innings for Tampa Bay. Shout out to the baseball gods. This couldn't be happening to a better guy. It would be a real shame if he had to retire because he can't throw the baseball anymore. 

P.S. Your Yankees jokes can't hurt me anymore. I'm just here for the Astros misery