Wake Up With Someone's Grandmother Sneaking Into The San Francisco Giants Dugout During A Game

Don't you hate it when you go to get a chicken tender basket and you accidentally walk directly into the Pittsburgh Pirates dugout during the 2014 Wild Card game? I know I do. The amount of questions I have for this grandmother....just how? How do you even find your way into the dugout? A lot of stadiums you can't even get down to field level without tickets checked, this lady literally was sitting with Hunter Pence in the corner. How about the security guard too. I mean is there anyone worse at their job than he is? And then him with his hand motions like "WHO IS THIS AND HOW DID SHE GET HERE?". Absolutely hilarious scene. How did no one in the Giants dugout recognize her either? A younger guy with an MLB pullover could fit right in, Gertrude in her #25 jersey with no nameplate? She sticks out like a sore thumb. You know some Yinzer was worried about their granny not coming back from the bathroom, only to find out she was down mixing it up with the Giants. What a scene.