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Would You Rather Be The Hiker Getting Chased By A Mountain Lion Or Try To Tackle Derrick Henry On National TV?


This was a rhetorical question folks, because its not even CLOSE!  Derrick Henry in the open field on NATIONAL TELEVISION is a weapon of mass destruction!  How many DB's are we going to watch him abuse before we do something about it?  This man must be stopped!  This is unconstitutional and he cannot keep ruining people's lives.  These defensive backs have families and they don't deserve to see this happen to their loved ones on a regular basis in front of the nation.

If I was the NFLPA I would be ashamed of myself right now.  Who has the player's backs?  How many times must a man not be able to walk in public again after playing the Titans and trying to push him out of bounds?  Its not right.  This is getting scary.