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Arabian Peninsula Smokeshow Of The Day: Look At This Sexy Triumphant Chameleon

I want you to do me a favor and stop what you are doing and really take in the beauty of this animal super quick:

First of all, shoutout to the photographer for this CRISP photograph.  I mean that is a very well taken image.  I feel like its more clear than my actual eyes somehow.  I guess it kind of makes sense that someone with a rare, incredibly beautiful reptile like this would have a really high functioning camera to take pictures of it with.  That seem like what you would expect from such an individual, but it doesn't make it any less impressive. I discovered this account through a deep cycle of insomnia twitter scrolling laying in bed at night and I think it is my new favorite thing on the entire Bird.

Twitter as a whole is a pretty toxic, unbecoming place, but this?  This is the type of thing I need more of in my life.  Look at this shit!  This is just a pure collection of data that makes my brain happier than before I saw it.

No political shit, nobody is angry, and there's no existential tension involved, just a cool ass lizard walking about and having a great day. 

I need more chameleons in my life.

DISCLAIMER: I don't speak or read Japanese very well and do not have any idea what the text says.  If its some sort of inappropriate or racist shit then I want to say I disagree with this account's views in this hypothetical situation where he is peddling hateful rhetoric alongside pictures of really cool chameleons.  Glad we established that.