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Jimmy Fallon Gave The Mighty Mites A Shot At Redemption On His Show Last Night



So we’ve all obviously seen the original video of the Mighty Mites crashing into a banner and not being able to break it.  Well Jimmy Fallon gave them a shot at redemption last night and guess what?  They did it!  They did it!  They broke the banner and celebrated with confetti and cheerleaders and cocaine.  I’m not saying I wanted those little fellas to decaptiate themselves on a banner again but that would’ve been awesome at the same time.  Oh well.  I guess I’m happy for the little rascals but I would’ve been happier had they failed again.


PS- What’s the ruling on Jimmy Fallon?  I’m pretty sure he’s killing it in the ratings ever since taking over the Tonight Show and the material he puts out on the internet seems to guy viral a lot but do people actually think he’s funny?  I’m honestly asking because I can’t tell.  He seems super DUPER nice and talented but I can’t tell if he’s funny.  Like when I watch a guy like Jon Stewart, I immediately know he’s funny.  You can tell.  He just is.  Fallon doesn’t strike me in that way.  Whatevs.  He must be doing something right.