Tourists Who Stole Ancient Artifacts From Pompeii Returning Them In Droves After Suffering From "Curse"

The Sun - Tourists have returned stolen Roman artefacts claiming "the curse of Pompeii" gave them cancer or sent them bankrupt.

So many thieves have returned relics to the site, together with letters confessing their guilt, that a museum has been set up.

Canadian tourist Nicole, 36, sent back two mosaic tiles, a ceramic piece and parts of an amphora or container to a travel agent in Pompeii.

She had taken the items during a visit to the ancient city in 2005 - later saying they had given her 15 years of bad luck.

Nicole included a letter with the returned items.

According to The Times, she wrote: "Please, take them back, they bring bad luck.

"My family and I also had financial problems. We're good people and I don't want to pass this curse on to my family or children."

She also included another letter written by a couple also from Canada who took items from Pompeii in 2005.

Some of those who have taken items from the city have tried to sell them online.

Pompeii is one of Italy's most-visited destinations.

The city was buried in ash by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79, and was preserved until its rediscovery in the 16th century.

A similar "curse" is said to exist in relation to the Egyptian pharaohs.

It brings misfortune to anyone who disturbs the resting place on an ancient Egyptian king or queen, some believe.

Honestly, can't say I'm one bit surprised reading this. Not one iota.

You mess with the bull, you get the horns.

And in the case, you steal from an ancient site where hundreds of people are buried, you get the curse. 

It's literally archaeology 101. The stuff they teach on the first day of class.

Which is why it blows my mind that you have assholes out here announcing, once a week it seems, that they will be "exuming newly found 2500 year old remains", or fuckin moving the most cursed mummy of all time, Tut (ever heard of him?), from his resting place to a museum.

As the great Walter Sobchak once said, "there are rules Donnie". (I know I quote him often, but how can I not? He was a great man) *Smokey*

The only thing separating us from the animals in the world are laws. Written and unwritten. 

Let the dead be dead. Rest In Peace. Ever heard of it? Emphasis on peace. 

Ever seen Poltergeist? I remember watching that as a kid. Messed me up in the head real good for about 20 years. Anytime I went over somebody's house I had to snoop around and inspect if it had been built on an ancient Indian burial ground.

Also, we're talking about this happening so frequently that they had to set up a Goddamn MUSEUM dedicated just to the artifacts that are being returned by thieves who had a change of conscience. AKA suffered the curse.

If you're willing to put yourself, and the rest of mankind, at risk for a freaking knick-knack then you deserve the bad karma. (Not cancer. Obviously). 

We're talking bad juju for decades and possibly passed on to next generations.

This would explain so much for some degenerate gamblers we know.