Lil Bow Wow Gives James Harden Advice On How To Deal With Chicks Taking Pics After You Fuck

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On the surface this seems funny, because… well, because it’s advice from Lil Bow Wow. But when you really think about it, Bow Wow is one of the veterans of the game. He’s been famous and fucking chicks for like 15 years. Yeah there are the Jeters who have been doing it longer, but Bow Wow has had social media for the duration of his career. Not as big as it is now, but he’s a little older than me and I can hardly remember a time without MySpace or Facebook, yet we’ve never had a Bow Wow scandal. He’s like the Pedro of fucking chicks, dominating while be scandal free, in the era of scandals. So go ahead and laugh, but while you’re laughing grab a pen and take notes, because Bow Wow knows more about fucking chicks than you could learn in 1,000 lifetimes.



Although piece of advice to Bow Wow: when doling out tips for fucking chicks, leave out the part that you creepily watch them sleep using a security camera from the other room.



Also, I will never say the words sex or fucking ever again, it’s twapping brauds from this day until my last day.